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President's Message
David E. Bobman, MD

David E. Bobman, MD

February 7, 2023

They say “time flies”. As I reflect on my career of over 30 years, several thoughts at once come to mind. First, it seems like the time has passed in “the blink of an eye”. In large part, this is because the practice of medicine is an unusually rewarding and fulfilling career. It is also a very dynamic one. Though there have been many changes in the practice of medicine, some things have stayed the same. For instance, we are again in a situation where it is a high priority to address medical malpractice venue reform. As the hard-fought reforms, we were able to have enacted years ago, like sandcastles in the surf have eroded away, and again need to be addressed. 

Access to medical care has in the past been an issue, and now has become an even greater issue. In part due to the effects of the COVID crisis, hospital closures, and physician shortages, our patients are often waiting many months for doctor’s appointments or procedures. These represent only some of the issues which our medical society is working on.

Over these past many years, there has been a further diversification in medical practice.  In the past, most physicians were in private practice; now many physicians have opted for hospital employment, pairing with private equity, or working in the pharmaceutical industry. This creates differing aims and practice needs for these physicians.  For this reason, to better understand how we can be of assistance to the physician community, we would like to hear directly from member and non-member physicians as to their concerns, wants, and needs. Please email us at for this purpose. 

At this time, I would also like to introduce Lynne Stilley, our new Executive Director. Lynne comes to us with a strong background in medical affairs and therefore knowledge of the medical system. I am impressed by her enthusiasm, tireless energy, and intriguing new ideas as we move forward. She has already been working on networking, revamping our website, as well as learning the workings of our society. I look forward to working together with her for many years to come.

At the same time, we will be saying goodbye to David McKeighan, our outgoing executive. Losing his guidance is bittersweet as we will sorely miss his participation but are happy for him in his retirement. David, along with our recent past presidents, has changed the Chester County Medical Society into a much more dynamic organization. David, thank you for all you’ve done!

David Bobman, MD

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