Pennsylvania - One of The Worst States For Nuclear Verdicts

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For years, Pennsylvania’s civil justice environment has been widely regarded as a judicial hellhole and now the Commonwealth has received another notorious distinction – this time as one of the worst states for nuclear verdicts! The negative designation comes from the U.S. Chamber’s Institute of Legal Reform’s recently published Nuclear Verdicts report. Nuclear verdicts are defined as a jury verdict of $10 million or more in personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits. Not surprisingly, more than half of the state’s nuclear verdicts occurred in Philadelphia – a region long-known as a high-verdict jurisdiction.

How does this impact you?? When businesses have to spend more defending themselves against lawsuits, that leaves less money going into job creation, investments in our neighborhoods, and growing our economy. When court decisions result in fewer employment opportunities, you and your family’s ability to work to your maximum potential is undermined. In the end, you and your family suffer, and Pennsylvania’s economy stagnates.

Join us in our fight to bring balance and fairness to Pennsylvania’s legal climate!! Click HERE to donate! This report is just further proof that the scales of justice in Pennsylvania are unfairly tilted to the benefit of plaintiffs’ attorneys. Unfortunately, we can only expect nuclear judicial verdicts to increase now that the state Supreme Court has reversed the venue rule for medical liability cases. With forum shopping once again allowed in the state, trial lawyers will be flocking to Philadelphia and other high-verdict jurisdictions in an attempt to score jackpot paydays. Help us right-size Pennsylvania’s civil justice system! Thank you in advance for your help! Curt Schroder Paid for by Pennsylvanians for Civil Justice Fairness Affiliated with Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform

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