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Chester County Medical Society Benefits

Member Benefits 2022

The Chester County Medical Society is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Medical Society and has several categories of memberships: Full Active Physicians, Residents & Fellows, Medical Students, and Practice Administrators.  

Applications for membership are processed on the website.

Membership in the Pennsylvania Medical Society and The Chester County Medical Society go hand-in-hand, addressing the many issues facing the medical profession today and preserving the patient-physician relationship. 

CCMS Membership is available to allopathic (MD) and osteopathic (DO) physicians residing or practicing in Chester County, who are in good moral and professional standing. Membership is also available to residents, fellows, medical students, and practice managers.

The CCMS physician leadership and staff are committed to addressing the issues confronting medicine today, and we are pleased to have you as part of that effort. By making the choice to be a part of organized medicine, you are choosing to have a voice in the way you practice medicine every day.

Memberships Include:

Practice Management - Contact CCMS staff with questions about a wide array of “business matters” pertaining to your practice.  Our experienced staff at the local and state (PAMED) levels offer outstanding assistance.  Participate in our in-person and virtual programs to help guide your practice on issues such as reimbursement, important HR topics, credentialing, recruiting, and many more aspects of running a medical practice.  Understand regulatory, licensing, and reimbursement changes.  We’re here to answer your questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, health system reform, licensure requirements, and many credentialing and reimbursement issues. One call could pay for your dues many times over.

Advocacy - The CCMS is an active supporter of many important local and regional task forces, coalitions, and work groups that address public health issues and promote continued access to quality medical care for all patients.  Current priorities include addressing scope-of-practice challenges to the medical profession; opposing a proposed change in venue rules which would allow plaintiff’s attorneys to file suit against suburban physicians in urban courts; addressing the recent closure of two Chester County Hospitals and efforts to promote immunizations to all Chester County residents.

Chester County Medicine Magazine is the official publication of the Chester County Medical Society for many decades.  CCMS members receive a subscription to the quarterly magazine for their own reading and we encourage physicians to share the magazines with patients in their waiting rooms.  CCMS members are also encouraged to contribute articles for publication and to purchase advertising to help promote their practices.  Chester County Medicine features a popular ongoing series focused on the art and artists of Chester County.  The current and archived editions are available for readers on the CCMS website:

The Annual Legislative Clam Bake  - our annual legislative dinner is an opportunity for the physicians of Chester County to meet and enjoy a casual evening of great food and conversation with their elected officials.  The event also features the installation of officers and the presentation of scholarships to two West Chester University pre-med students.

PracticeBeat – an outstanding member benefit offering practices a chance to enhance their online presence, improve patient satisfaction and ensure practice communications and scheduling are HIPAA compliant.  PracticeBeat offers CCMS members a significant discount, their data-based insight is provided relative to the competitive landscape in your specialty and geographic area. 

Leadership Opportunities available – the CCMS physician-leadership is eager to continue to represent our members & opportunities are available to serve our medical students, residents/fellows, early career physicians, and our “full active members”.  

Join The Chester County Medical Society Today!

Lynn Stilley
Executive Director



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Help Patients Find You!
CCMS Members are listed in the Pennsylvania Medical Society's "Find a Physician" program.

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Legislative Support
​Representation with local legislators
Contact your local legislator by getting their contact information provided on our Legislator page.

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General Membership Meeting
General Membership Meeting - an annual meeting that provides members the opportunity to impact their Society’s activities and goals.


Legislative Dinner
​Legislative Dinner- a.k.a. "The Clambake" - is an annual meeting for members to meet with local legislators in an informal setting for cocktails and dinner to discuss healthcare issues.

Chester Medicine Summer 2022
DocBook MD

Chester County Medicine
​Chester County Medicine has been the CCMS's official publication for several decades. CCMS members will receive a complimentary subscription to Chester County Medicine magazine, the Society's new twist on its longtime quarterly publication.

​An exclusive HIPAA-secure messaging application for smartphone and tablet devices.

Membership Dues are non-refundable. Refunds are only allowed for membership meeting registration if requested by the stated deadline on the registration form. Refunds will be processed within seven (7) business days.

Meetings: Substitutions of attendees may be made at any time.
Cancellation must be received by phone, email, or fax. The medical society will reply with a written acknowledgment.
Cancellations must be made prior to the deadline date on the registration form to receive a refund.
Cancellations made after the deadline date will result in forfeiture of the registration fee.




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